KTAA19-G6A Passes New Product Appraisal by Chongqing Economi

 The Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology organized experts to carry out a new product appraisal of the "2010 Chongqing Key Technology Innovation Project" - KTAA19-G6A engine declared by the company; the appraisal committee believes that: the product is in K19 On the basis of the engine, a new product with high pressurization and intensification and improved development was adopted, and the same series of engine standards of the United States Cummins Corporation was adopted. By focusing on optimizing the matching supercharger, the high supercharging and intensification of the whole machine is achieved, the power is increased by 20%; the new air cooling design is adopted, the cooling fan is improved, the heat dissipation problem of the whole machine is solved, and the compression ratio is optimized and adjusted. The adaptability of the piston has been improved to meet the comprehensive performance requirements of the entire machine. The product has the characteristics of power, economy and reliability. To reach the advanced level of domestic similar products

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