The first QSK38 high-powered EFI engine was successfully put

 On July 25, the first QSK38-G5 engine from Chongqing Cummins was officially delivered to users at the assembly plant site.

     Xia Zong delivered a passionate speech at the delivery ceremony. He said that today is an important day for CCEC. The victory of QSK38 went offline and delivered to users, marking a new success for the VPI project, marking a larger horsepower spurt after QSK19. The engine has been manufactured in China, which signifies that CCEC products continue to lead the market, signifying the strong strength of CCEC's market and business development.
     This QSK38-G5 made in Chongqing, China, is currently the world's largest horsepower family with the highest technological content, the latest quality requirements, and the best cost-effective EFI engine.
     The QSK38 engine user representative made comments: It is a great privilege to participate in CCEC's newest and most environmentally friendly new machine offline. It is a great honor to become the user of the QSK38 new machine. QSK38 has obtained more powerful competitiveness for CCEC. We hope that CCEC will have newer models coming out. We are willing to continue to develop CCEC with our cooperation and continue to create even more brilliant results. I wish you to be on a new platform. The vanguard of the industry.

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