Cummins KT38-M780 Marine Propulsion Engine

General data of Cummins KT38-M780 Marine Propulsion Engine
Engine Model Cummins KT38-M780
Type 12 cylinder V type, 4 stroke
Rating Type Continuous
Displacement 38 L
Bore&Stroke 159×159 mm
Weight (Dry) – Engine Only 3606 KG
Weight (Dry) – Engine With HeatexchangerSystem 4457 KG
Technical data of Cummins KT38-M780 Marine Propulsion Engine
Aspiration Turbocharged
Fuel System PT Pump
Coolant Capacity(engine only) 119.2 L
Coolant Flow to Engine Heat Exchanger 1513 l/min
Minimum Idle speed Setting 675-725 RPM
High Idle Speed Range 1962-2106 RPM
Normal Idle Speed Variation ±25 RPM
Compression ratio 15.5:1
Piston Speed 9.5 m/sec
Performance Date of Cummins KT38-M780 Marine Propulsion Engine
Rated Output/Speed 582KW/780HP/1800RPM
Peak Engine torque/Speed  
Brake Mean Effective Pressure 1021 KPa
Fuel Consumption/rated speed 142 l/hr
Approximate Fuel Flow to Pump 426 l/hr

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