Cummins Electric Power System Realizes China's First Show

On May 28, 2018, on the first day of the Beijing Road Transport Vehicle Exhibition, the Cummins booth featured a lot of highlights. In addition to the release of the National Sixth National Product, it also brought electric system products to China for the first time. The product is suitable for use in city buses, buses, and cities. Intercity passenger vehicles. The system uses a new Cummins 74 kWh battery as a standard module, which saves installation space and integrates efficiently with the entire vehicle. It can be used for both pure electric vehicles (BEV) and extended-range electric vehicles (REEV) through the engine drive motor. The model, which combines the transmission of energy with the battery pack, can be expanded to 8 battery packs through a modular combination, with a range of up to 385 kilometers.
Cummins designs and manufactures batteries that achieve higher energy densities through the use of lithium-ion technology. Through proprietary control technology, they can store the remaining power and achieve longer zero-emission cruising range. The system uses a high-efficiency traction motor to act on the direct drive motor to achieve continuous acceleration without driving, low noise, and good ride comfort.

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