Cummins Releases Six-Power Solution for Smart Control Countr

Cummins Releases Six-Power Solution for Smart Control Country
—— The world’s newest technology will be launched in China, and the non-EGR design will be simple and comprehensive to meet customer’s demand for performance and emissions.
Beijing, May 28 – Cummins, the global leader in multi-component power solutions, today officially announced the six-drive solution for intelligent control of the entire country at the Beijing International Road Transport, City Bus and Parts Expo. Cummins' six-power solution adopts non-EGR design, which is the most advanced Cummins power solution in the world. It can be the first to meet the emission requirements of the national six B-stage and Europe six-D stage, and achieve excellent fuel consumption performance. With the addition of four new displacements, Cummins' extensive S6 product matrix ranges from 2.8L 105 hp to 14L 600 hp, and the maximum torque exceeds 2800 N·m, which fully meets the diversification of China's light, medium and heavy commercial vehicle markets. demand.
Dr. Peng Lixin, the vice president of Cummins and chief technology officer of China, said: "Cummins has always been a pioneer and leader in global emissions technology, and it is the first company in the world to design and promote EGR systems. As early as 2005, Cummins launched the Euro 6 technology. R&D has taken the lead in using the EGR+DOC+DPF+SCR emission technology line and has a wealth of successful application experience in Europe and North America.In 2013, Cummins EGR Systems Euro VI products were launched in a global market including China, as of now Cummins EGR has been extensively applied and validated in North America, Europe and China."
"At the same time as meeting emission regulations, Cummins discovered that in the first generation of Euro VI engines, due to the long-term high pressure and high temperature operating conditions, the EGR system has a high failure rate, which will cause inconvenience to end users. In 2015, Cummins passed intelligent control. The revolutionary innovations in technology and combustion technology have enabled the successful implementation of the EGR system without the need to meet the stringent emissions requirements while achieving optimal fuel consumption performance,” added Dr. Peng.

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